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M2000i Single Phase Multi Process Inverter

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The M2000i is a true multi process digitally controlled welding machine.

This versatile machine has superb welding characteristics on MIG, DC TIG & MMA; itís packed full of power yet weighs just 13kg & is very electrically efficient.
The M2000i is three machines rolled into one convenient package, itís very simple to set up & use, so whatever material you want to weld this is the ideal choice.
This machine is ideal for site maintenance work, light fabrication, general repairs & light agricultural work.
Maximum power is as high as 240 amps on MIG welding with 1mm wire.
A standard Euro adaptor is fitted to allow use of a quality MIG torch.
An optional spool on gun system is available to fit this machine to allow easy welding of aluminium.
This machine is generator friendly, providing a quality stable generator of at least 6KVA is used.
This machine is built to BS EN 60974-1, BS EN 60974-10, its CE marked RoHS compliant & WEEE registered so you can be sure of the quality.

Standard functions/features

  • Infinitely variable output between 10 and 200 amps with max amps of 240 on MIG
  • Infinitely variable volts on MIG.
  • Digital readout of actual A & V on MIG, TIG & MMA (displays set value prior to welding for easy setting)
  • Reverse polarity option for MIG allows use of gasless MIG wire.
  • Variable inductance on MIG to give perfect welding characteristics for all wire & material types.
  • Robust wire feeding system with industry standard Euro connection.
  • Takes standard 5kg MIG wire with a 15kg option.
  • Torch trigger latching facility on MIG & TIG.
  • True DC TIG lift arc for perfect starts.
  • Variable gas post flow control on TIG for perfect weld finishes.
  • Variable slope down on TIG to allow crater filling.
  • Variable arc force on MMA welding.
  • VRD built in on MMA welding for the best safety.
  • Built in hot start for MMA welding gives fast electrode starting.
  • Carry handle & shoulder strap fitted.


Spool gun package with 8M lead, 15kg wire reel bracket kit.

Technical spec M2000i multi process inverter

Supply voltage 230V
Fuse (slow blow) 16A (13A can be used up to around 2/3 power)
Max (OCV) 60V (VRD on MMA 20V)
MIG welding current range 30-240

TIG welding current range 10-200A
MMA welding current range 10-170A
Recommended MIG wire size 0.8mm/1.0mm
Duty cycle @ 40 ĎC 200A @ 25%, 120A @ 60%
Size approx 460Lx360Hx210W
Weight approx 13KG
Protection class IP23S

Complies with BS EN60974-1, BS EN50199, WEE/HD0071UZ

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