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AMIG350P Double Pulse Digital Synergic SWF MIG

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The AMIG350P double pulse MIG is designed for the best quality MIG welding of aluminum, alloys, stainless steels, mild steel etc. with very high productivity.

Standard features

  • Double pulse
  • Single pulse
  • Conventional MIG
  • MIG brazing with pulse
  • 30-440A output range
  • High 60% duty cycle
  • One knob synergic control
  • Preprogrammed synergic curves
  • Perfect starts & finishes to all welds
  • 4x4 robust wire feeder
  • Simple to set up & use
  • Job thickness & weld angle function
  • 0.8-1.6mm wire sizes
  • Trigger latching/non latch/timer
  • Slope down & crater filling function
  • Start current function
  • Fan on demand
  • Robust solid design all round

AMIG350P double pulse benefits the AMIG high speed double pulse system gives virtually TIG quality welds without the high skill required for TIG and up to 5 times faster than TIG. Difficult to weld materials such as aluminum & stainless become so easy with superb quality welds. Positional welding such as vertical up is far easier & quicker with better penetration & minimal heat affected zone. Welding of very thin materials with 1.0 or 1.2mm mm wire is fast & easy. Perfect starts & finishes to every weld with crater filling if needed. Virtually zero spatter means little or no cleaning up.

The AMIG350P has all the advanced features necessary to weld virtually all types of materials, synergic curves are preprogrammed to cover all popular materials such as aluminum & aluminum alloys, stainless steels & duplex, mild steels etc. The operator can also change the pulse parameters as required for welding any special materials which are not already preprogrammed. Setting up & using this machine is simple with one knob synergic control & volts trim both on the wire feeder, yet if required the operator can go into the menu & change parameters such as pulsing frequency, pulse duty cycle, start current, pre & post gas, slope down time, burn back, peak current etc. Up to 100 user defined programs can also be saved. The microprocessor monitors the arc continuously to maintain the perfect weld condition & compensates for variations in the arc & the incoming electric supply in milliseconds. Welding performance is virtually unbeatable & the AMIG350P is easier to use & better performing than some of the leading manufacturers machines we have tried.

Other useful information

The AMIG350P is build using soft switch inverter technology with two Semikron IGBT modules; the PCBs are mounted in the top compartment away from the airflow & are protected with a thick varnish. The fan only runs when required. The end result is a machine with unbeatable long term reliability and very energy efficient. This machine is designed for use in the harsh industrial environments & is designed for a long trouble free life.

AMIG350P double pulse MIG standard specifications

Mains input voltage -  400V 3 phase +/-10%

Output range - 30-440A

Duty cycle - 350A@60% 440A@35%

Welding wire diameter -  0.8, 1.0, 1.2mm, 1.6mm

Input power requirement -  16A type D breaker or 32A

Efficiency -  0.9

Generator friendly (minimum size 12KVA)

Standard package includes

AMIG350P power source, 4x4 feeder with spool cover & swivel, 2M intercon, 3M earth, undercarriage with bottle support.

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